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Tis the Season
Dave the Laugh; Karma 
28th-Dec-2009 11:21 pm
So, I finally finished the  final Confessions of Georgia Nicolson book. It was really good but what absolutely sold me was Dave! I mean, he was funny and gorgeous and fit and everything you wish boys were, especially teenage boys. Look at how cute Tommy Bastow is. Yes, that's him. He was such a right pick to play Dave in the movie. Which I'm watching on New Year's Day. The ending for the book was more than fantastic. After that, I read this awesome fanfiction that was a continuation of the ending. It was damn good and almost felt like Louise Rennison herself, if it wasn't for the bits of american slang that creeped in.
 Also read a random spirituality self-help type book. Surprising because I am one of the least spiritual people in the world. It definitely had a lot of good points though, like what goes around comes around, learn to live in the moment. I think when everything sunk in was when it said there has never been nor will there ever be any one like me in history. Meaning that it was alright that I had a million and a half quirks that I should appreciate and that I'm sure other people appreciate too.
Feeling a touch of guilt over not having written my ethnography or gotten Adrienne her christmas present. Yes, I know christmas has already passed. If you don't know yet, Adrienne is my best friend in possibly the entire universe. We are the same person, except I like to think she's the slightly more stable version of me. All in all, she's super awesome.
I'm also trying to get into a healthier pattern, meaning I'm going to eat my meals regularly and get sufficient sleep every day. I've also learned that relaxing and just chilling works really well with me. It's been a pretty good day so far. I've been trying to find this baking book that is the best thing ever but I can't remember the name.
I also got Skype. Which I plan to have a ton of fun with. I got it primarily to talk to my Brown friends so that we can get to know each other before next fall. I can't wait!
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